How to Determine When Your Deck Needs Repair

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A deck is the perfect place for relaxation and entertaining guests. Unfortunately, though, over time, things like weather damage and general wear and tear can lead to surface deterioration – particularly if it was not built properly. Our deck & fence contractors in Toronto recommend homeowners to undertake a thorough inspection of their decks once over every year just to be sure that the deck is still strong, secure and safe to use. The five major issues every homeowner must look for are as follows, it will help you determine the right time for deck repair.

Missing Connections

Your home deck is made up of four major components, including wood, nails, screws and firm metal connectors. Make sure all the products are of high quality as they provide vital reinforcement to your deck’s surface, making it secure to use. Inspect your deck and ensure that all the parts are in good condition. If you see only wood and nails (which could be the outcome of improper installation or lack of maintenance), your deck may be unsafe. It is advised to contact a reliable deck and fence company in Oakville for professional guidance.

Loose Connections

Over time, your deck will suffer wear and tear. Even if you have a properly built and installed deck where all the connections are in place, after years of use, those connections may have loosened over time. Such loose connections compromise your deck’s strength and sturdiness. Wobbly rails, loose stair steps and ledgers are some symptoms of a loose connection. Remember, if the ledger seems to be pulling away, the deck can become unstable – fast.

Wood Rot

The hot and humid summers, wooden decks can trap air, moisture and heat to create the perfect place for rot to start. This can compromise the integrity of your deck over time. Along the boards, look for any visible signs of rot, mold mildew and discoloration. It is advised to replace any deteriorated wood boards, beams soon to prevent spreading.

Cracks in Wood

As the deck ages, the cracks develop leading to painful splinters. Such cracks and wear and tear weakens the deck’s structure over time, making it susceptible to collapse.

Corrosion of Connectors and Fasteners

Your deck is always exposed to the elements and Mother Nature sometimes can be really hard on wood and metals. Visually inspect the brackets and fasteners for any damage or corrosion. If you see any areas of concern, call our professional deck builders Toronto for a second opinion.
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