Deck Maintenance Tips By Our Deck Contractors Mississauga

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Homeowners consider decks as the perfect part of their home where they can entertain their guests, enjoy their morning tea and the different seasons. But, have you ever realized that your deck takes the most abuse of any surface in your home. They are liable to hold up heavy foot traffic dirt, various fixtures, such as furniture. This is not all, they also survive harsh climatic conditions all year round.

Over the time, a deck tends to fall victim to water damages, crack and splits, mildew and loose parts. In order to maintain the robust condition of your deck, make sure you thoroughly inspect it at least one time per year. Our fencing contractors Mississauga provide a few helpful deck maintenance tips for homeowners in Mississauga.

  • Check for loose nails – Carefully check the loose nails and other fasteners and if you find anything wrong, replace them with galvanized screws that are designed to survive harsh climatic conditions and other outer elements.
  • Loose deck and stair railings must be reinforced immediately – Sand the splintered areas and keep the raised board edges smooth. Make sure you replace the rotted, or severely cupped deck boards. Generally, the cupped board is flat from beneath, so you can simply turn it over and re install for years of additional service.
  • Check that the deck has not pulled away from the house – Check the connection point where the deck meets the house called the ledger board. The ledger board should be firmly fixed to the house framing. If it isn’t, call in a professional deck contractor in Mississauga to repair it.
  • Clean debris accumulated between deck boards – Use a putty knife to clean the debris accumulated between deck boards. This way you will promote better drainage, and protect it from mildew and future rot.
  • Clean wood, composite, and PVC decking every year – Make sure you clean wood, composite, and PVC decking once every year. A stiff broom or a strong blast of water can help achieve your goal. But, remember, you just want to clean the surface not to damage it. So always keep the water pressure low.
  • Use semi-transparent or solid color stains for refinishing – You can do this once every two or three years. Don’t worry about clear sealers and water repellent preservatives. They don’t hold required pigment to safeguard wood from UV light and moisture penetration. Use the top-quality brands that you can find at any home improvement store near your home.

Keep all the above factors in mind while maintaining your home decks. Always choose high-quality material when building a new deck so that you can enjoy your new space for a longer period, without worrying about the repair or maintenance.

At Wolf & White, our deck and fence contractors in Mississauga are skilled to build quality and robust decks in Mississauga and its surrounding areas. Call us today to discuss your decking needs.