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Improve Your Home’s Security, Curb Appeal & Privacy

Fences were first introduced with an intention to keep livestock inside the boundary. But, nowadays, they act as a visible border between your and your neighbor’s possessions. Most homeowners also consider them as a strong fashion statement for their yards. There are different reasons for fence installation Toronto and there are also a great deal of designs that can complement your landscaping feature or home exteriors.

Fencing is desired by many people wanting effective protection for their home and valuables. Homeowners can consider a variety of fences based on looks, needs and budget. We, at Wolf and White Ltd., offer the most sought fencing products and services in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our fence builders Toronto value your needs and preferences. That’s why our professionals carry out one-on-one consultation to provide high-quality services according to your budget and choice.Contact Our Fence Contractors Toronto To Schedule Your Free Home Estimate Today!

Our Specialties

We are your local fence contractors who offer numerous color choices for fencing. We also present a wide range of designs that would both enhance the overall appearance of your home and act as a security measure. With our high-quality and lasting fencing, our fence contractors Toronto help you enhance your living space where some of life’s best moments of leisure could be spent. Our fencing service will make your garden and backyard look more impressive and trendy.

Residential & Commercial Fencing in Toronto

We specialize in providing fencing for residential and commercial premises. Our range of products includes rail fences, wooden, aluminum, vinyl, chain linkage, farm and customized fencing, and even handrails. Our fencing solutions are secure, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. As a leading fence company in Toronto, we take pride in providing high-quality and dependable fencing solutions across Toronto and surrounding areas. Our contractors will assess your space to find the right fence for your home or business, keeping in mind the security and privacy you deserve.

Wolf and White Ltd. carries the largest selection of fencing in the industry including:

  • Custom Wood Fencing – We offer the widest range of custom wood fencing solutions. Our contractors provide you with a designer enclosure that ensures your privacy and protection.
  • Aluminum Fencing– Our aluminum fencing will add prestige and value to your property. When you invest in Wolf and White Ltd., you are investing in quality and durability.
  • Custom Vinyl Fencing – Vinyl fencing are attractive and hassle free, requiring very less maintenance. They are aesthetically appealing and ensure security of your home.
  • Chain Link Fences – Chain link fencing is known for security and durability. We offer affordable fencing options that can match the style you envision.

Wolf and White Ltd. – Your Trusted Fencing Contractors In Toronto

At Wolf and White Ltd., our fences are built and installed in strict compliance with Toronto fence building codes. We know that each yard is different and each owner has their own reason for fencing. We design and build fences to best suit your residential or commercial site. We will make sure to provide beautiful, functional and long lasting fencing solution.